My Spiritual Connection In Sydney

The most emotional experience I have had on my study abroad journey and the most connecting with God in a while was in Sydney. I am not a super religious person, but when I feel some sort of connection, there is so much power and love that comes from prayer and from what’s above. Over the weekend, I got to experience two incredible things that brought me closer to God and my Nana, who had passed away a year ago from February 26th, just a few days before leaving for Sydney. Thinking about what I and my family went through last year when we lost her, I knew that it was going to be a rough week. I was thinking about her, but I knew she wouldn’t want me to be upset for my fun trip to Sydney, so I held it together, knowing she would want it that way. However, she was with me the whole trip.

The first thing I experienced was the St. Mary’s Cathedral, which is a beautiful church located in the museum district of Sydney. When I walked into the church, I immediately felt warmth and purpose, like I was meant to go there that day. I separated from my friends and kneeled in one of the pews. I had not gone to church in a while, so I had a lot to say, but one thing I made sure I did was talk to Nana. Since her passing, I have felt sort of afraid to talk to her, because I didn’t want to believe that she was actually gone, but I am glad I talked to her because I had a lot to say.

Later that weekend, I attended The Piano Guys concert at the Sydney Opera House. I never felt more connected to music in my entire life. Steven Sharp (cello) and John Schmidt (piano) shared emotional, spiritual, and touching stories. They shared stories about how music has “saved them” from the challenges in their lives, which made me reflect on my own life. While they played one of the final songs, “Fight Song / Amazing Grace”, I broke down crying, because I got a feeling in my heart that moment, that my Nana was there with me, watching all of my dreams unfold, taking in all of the beautiful music and experiences around, with me.

I didn’t fully understand it until that moment, but that moment I realized that my connection with what’s above and the music that’s around me is what saves me. They save me from my fears, sadness, stress, and worries. They save me from feeling like I am worthless or a failure. They save me from feeling lost or uncertain. I feel as though I have a lot to get through in life, but I know that God, Nana, and music will always be with me and a part of me.

Keep doing what makes YOU happy!


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