This picture was taken a few years ago at Starved Rock State Park!

This picture was taken of me in 2018 at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois! It was my first time there with my youth group and it was amazing! Even though the waterfall wasn’t flowing, it was still so beautiful and I highly recommend going!

Hi! Welcome to my new webpage, where I will primarily be posting blogs about travel, college, health, fitness, food, and more! I am pretty excited about this opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge with you all and I cannot wait to get started soon!

As I am writing this, I am thinking in my head, “well where do I even begin”. A lot of what I will be posting is about my travels abroad. From January 2023 to April 2023, I will be studying abroad in Australia. CRAZY! To think this is actually happening just blows my mind. I cannot wait to share with you the culture, my academic involvement, the experiences I have, and so much more! I will post a bit more pre-departure things before I takeoff, but I am so excited for this journey.

In addition to my travels abroad, I also hope to share other experiences I encounter in life, while also sharing tips while in college, my favorite recipes, shopping guides, and more. One thing about me is when I got into college, I really loved social media. Before college, I was not really big into it. In fact, I was picked on over social media and faced a lot of insecurities because I was constantly comparing myself to others. Then I learned that social media can be used for good. If you don’t follow me already, I created an Instagram account @jessicagfitness , where I post real, authentic workouts, food recipes, funny videos, college hacks, fashion, and a lot more. Throughout college, my confidence has grown, which allowed me to create more authentic content on social media. I realized that I can use my social media platform in a positive way, inspiring others to work on growing their confidence and being true to themselves. Throughout the past years I have owned this account, I have received such positive feedback from my followers saying my posts brighten their day or I have encouraged them to make important, good changes in their lives or even that I am hilarious (which makes me smile because sometimes I feel like I am the only one that finds me funny haha!). Seeing that I am making a positive impact on others brings me so much joy and I hope I can continue that!

As I have said multiple times already, I am SO excited for this journey, and I hope you find the things I post helpful, inspiring, or simply just enjoyable to read. I am just here to share what I know and experience with you, and encourage you all to live your best lives!

Keep doing what makes YOU happy!


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  1. Dad

    Have the Best, Fun Time ❤️Jessica. Your mom and 👀 will be following. Well, not literally. Maybe 😎 ❤️

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